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Jiangxi Xingtai Technology Inc. is a national high-tech enterprise founded in June 2015 with an actual registered capital of 286 million CNY. Its headquarter is located in Ji'an City, Jiangxi Province, having branches in Shenzhen and Shanghai, at the same time subsidiaries in Hong Kong and Vietnam are being established.

SEEKINK is aiming to provide one-stop services in vertical IoT ecological chain with the core components —Electronic Paper Displays, and concentrating on research and development, production and sales of EPDs which are mainly used as electronic shelf labels, E-readers, hand writing E-notebooks, and applied in IoT fields like Smart Retail, Smart Education, Smart Office, Smart Healthcare, Smart Logistics. The company is equipped with first-class R&D and manufacturing machines, moreover, SEEKINK has established marketing and service networks in China and across the world.

With years of technology accumulations and product generations, SEEKINK has mastered core e-paper technologies and has led or participated in the formulation of a number of national and group criteria. SEEKINK has been playing a leading role in e-paper industry based on its amazing technical strength, advanced technology, excellent product quality and increasing revenue. Over the years, SEEKINK has won many honorary awards and technical awards in terms of E-paper that made it be widely acknowledged by the society.[More]



Smart Retail

With the development and progress of retail, traditional paper price tags can no longer meet the needs of frequent information replacement, unified management and environmental protection in the new retail field. The application of EPD in smart retail makes up for the shortcomings of traditional paper price tags. It is able to switch information freely and manage the background data integratedly so that merchandise information can be quickly, accurately and timely managed and released, which saves labor costs and realizes the demands of environmental protection.

Smart Education

Among all electronic display technologies, e-paper has neither backlight nor self-illumination, even if students read for a long time, it won’t easily cause visual fatigue and sore eyes, so e-paper tablet becomes the best choice for e-readers. At the same time, the application of e-paper in smart education also reduces the "burden" to students as an e-paper tablet integrates all books and children no longer need to carry their heavy schoolbags,in addition,a large amount of paper can be saved.

Smart Healthcare

The application of e-paper to smart medical care has benefited the refined management of hospitals driven by digital solutions. It helps to create a safer, more comfortable and more efficient medical conditions and improve the efficiency of operation and maintenance.

Smart City

As the advancement of 5G technology and the acceptation of the concept of IoT, the reflective, bi-stable, and energy-efficient e-paper display technologies have increasingly been integrated into smart city scenarios, which are suitable for bus stop information signs, traffic signs, route guidance boards, fuel price boards etc. It can also be widely used in government and neighborhood services for people's livelihood, political propaganda and cultural guidance.

Smart Office

With the integration of Internet, IoT, and digitization technologies, the application of advanced e-paper technology in the office field reduces paper consumption and saves energy, meanwhile decreases a lot of resource, time and operating costs for enterprises.

Smart Signage

As a new generation of color e-paper display technology launched, e-paper billboards in diverse environments turn up based on the brightly colored images. E-paper signs can be installed without wiring and out of limitation by power cables. While reducing costs and bringing advertising benefits, they can make the environment more low-carbon, which is in line with the concept of sustainable development.

Smart Industry

Including SOP display, material trolley labels, storage labels, and staff ID cards, e-notebooks, a paperless factory built with e-paper and indoor positioning technology can help continuously improve production efficiency.

Smart Logistics

The application of e-paper in smart logistics field gives refined, dynamic and visual management of each step of logistics, and improves the intelligent analysis and decision-making as well as the automatic operation execution capabilities of the logistics system.